Monday, October 24, 2011

My Spray Painted Treasures {2}

Here are some neat little things I found at the local thrift store for around a buck each, all they needed was a little love and spray paint and they would be good as new!

 I saw lots of potential in these cute chunky frames. 
 I have been wanting to get some pretty plates and spray paint them and put some vinyl lettering on them, these would be perfect!

 You can never have enough of these! I figured it would probably sit on my kitchen table and hold various decorations for each season.
 Here are my weapons of choice.

 The plates all spray painted and in their final resting places.

 The frames- I will post more of these when I get some pictures in them and do some finishing touches.

I gave my little tray a good sanding and viola! It is perfectly imperfect. I love how everything turned out. And the total cost for all of these projects was under $7.

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