Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Master Bedroom Reveal

I've been wanting to reveal my bedroom makeover for some time, but I've been having an inner struggle. I love everything about my room except for one tiny thing... The color! I finished painting my accent wall and what do you know? It's insanely BRIGHT! I was going for more of a calming coastal blue color and thats definitely NOT what happened. I must say as time goes on I am learning to like it more--- BUT, I already got my paint mixed and as soon as I get up the energy the wall will be RE-painted. Am I insane? Yes. Do many of you do this or is it just me?? I get all excited about a color then when it's up it looks COMPLETELY different! Oh well, live and learn. 

Here is the bedroom before: (Yes, that is a sleeping boy on the bed)

I made a few changes to some things in the room. Like the pictures above the bed- I hot glued some thick black ribbon on the backs of them and hung them - It really helped make the frames seem less modern. And then... Silly me... I bought a comforter online, put it on my bed and decided it was SOOOO NOT the look I was going for... So it went back.

Well, I work at Target (in the bakery) and on my breaks I occasionally go through the store searching for sweet deals and I found the PERFECT comforter and the price? On clearance for $20 dollars!!! The brand is the "
Shabby Chic" collection by Target- I almost NEVER go through that section because I promised myself I would NEVER spend more than $50 dollars on a comforter...and those comforters are NOT cheap. But low and behold? This little beauty was sitting there waiting for ME! It was meant to be for sure. The original price was $99.00. I also found a down throw on clearance for $15.00 and the ruffled pillows? Well... Combined they were the price of the comforter. Haha.



I will paint that wall AGAIN and do a couple more changes to the room and show you the results. So stay tuned!


  1. I love the shabby chic section in Target, that's the first place I head for! I agree they aren't cheap so I've asked for Target gift cards for Christmas hoping I can purchase one.
    You have done a fantastic job on your bedroom and I really like your black furniture and the way you added the black ribbon to the pictures.

  2. The look of blue and brown together is just so comfortable, while being a real classic. Your bedroom looks cozy and inviting.

    A real home-done decorating triumph!

  3. You are not alone! I have chosen paint, slap it on, and regretted it after. The latest of these moments is my upstairs bath makeover. Wanting to make it ultra feminine, I painted it hot pink. Huge mistake. Repainted the very next day! haha.. You can see it here :)

    I actually love your blue walls now, maybe it's different in person. Good luck with the repainting!

  4. Looks great. My bedroom is top of my list for 2011.


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