Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 18,600 Pound Sewing Cabinet

I inherited a sewing cabinet from my husbands Grandma- it wasn't hers but whoever had it asked that it stayed in the family. First of all. This thing weighs more than an elephant! Its ridiculously heavy and (it can't be very old, maybe late 70's) the darn sewing machine inside it doesn't even work. I like the cabinet and I've seriously thought of taking the sewing machine out of it and using the cabinet as a cute little storage table... But we'll see. I'm not sure if I would get in trouble if I pull it all apart like that. I was tired of the color of it and decided that I wanted it to be white. So, BIG SURPRISE--- I painted it! ;) Nothing in my house stays the same for long. So if anyone gives me something they probably shouldn't be too attached to how it looked when they gave it to me. My husband has come to terms with me and my crazy painting/decorating ways. That is true love right there. 

 It only had two of four pulls when  I got it so I took off the old ones and replaced them



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  1. I love it. I see these old sewing machine tables frequently around here and I never have the guts to buy one. But seeing your makeover makes me wanna give it a try!

    By the way I am a new follower. I would love if you followed me as well.
    take care

  2. Take the sewing machine out and get rid of it! I have 4 of these lovely little table, no sewing machines inside any more. I use them for nightstands and end table. Love them! I used to have a serious sewing machine addiction but I went cold turkey and the cabinets are all I have left.

  3. Love it! I agree with Kit...take the machine out. Great work!

  4. that looks fabulous! you did a wonderful job of distressing it to show off the details. thanks so much for joinign my party- please don't forget to put the button in your post or sidebar- much appreicated! thanks! happy new year- look forward to more great projects from you!


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