Monday, March 28, 2011

Visit my new website!

Hello friends! 
Today I took on the daunting task of putting together my very own website for my cake decorating business! I'm really excited about it,
Come check it out! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The bathroom is finished!!!

The day has come! I have finished the downstairs bathroom (finally) it only took me 5 months... 
The wonderful thing is that it turned out even better than I was imagining! The other wonderful thing? I didn't have to buy a SINGLE thing for the entire project! Since the space was so small it wasn't really that hard. The chair rail came from a building my hubby was renovating and didn't want to throw it out- SCORE! It wasn't in the best of shape but it worked perfectly for my little 1/2 bath. 
Now, let me tell you how much I LOATH things made in China.
 Last night just as we were putting the finishing touches in the bathroom ie. hanging the picture, window and mirror--- we realized that the brackets on the mirror were fastened 1/2 an inch OFF (this is AFTER we mounted the anchors and screws for it!)!  I got the mirror as a wedding gift and it hasn't really been hung till now- I thought it matched the bathroom perfectly... 
LONG story short we spent over an hour trying to figure out a way to hang it. I won't go into the details but some not so nice things were uttered over that mirror. 
BUT, we prevailed no thanks to Yao Chen or whoever hung those brackets. 

Without boring you further here is the bathroom! :)


This is one of my antique windows hung over a picture I scored on clearance a long time ago for $1.50.

Domestically Speaking

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News... and the hallway!

Hello everyone! 
 I am honestly so sorry about my sporadic posts lately! I have been busy BUSY! Also, I have been packing... Yes, packing. We have decided to take a job opportunity in Seattle for the next 5-6 months! It's going to be a HUGE leap of faith but we know everything will work out. 
What this means: I will be checking my blog occasionally so feel free to leave comments- I will read all of them and respond! 
I have so many projects in their finishing stages and I will try my very best to get them finished and pictures up before we leave!

This is the project I HAVE to finish before we leave- I want to paint my hallway and hang a "gallery" collage style of pictures. Has anyone seen any of these? I have and I am in love! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{The "Things" That Make Me Happy part 2}

Projects being completed. 
This makes me UBER happy! We are not quite 100% finished with the kitchen but we are one step closer to it being complete. All we have left to do is put crown molding around the top of the cabinets.
My dear husband finished installing the rest of the hardware on the bottom drawers and cupboards last night! 

Here they are! I LOVE how it looks now! Such a transformation some simple handles and knobs can make!