Saturday, April 28, 2012

From Rags to Riches, Patio Set Transformation on a Dime

I have had this project finished for a while now but never took pictures of the end results or blogged about it, so here it is! 

My husband picked up a rod iron patio set from a garage sale as a surprise for me. I'm not going to lie, it was in pretty bad shape. The cushions were completely ratty and weathered- those went straight to the trash. I'm not sure what the original paint color was, it was so rusted and weathered that I was a little worried if I could bring it back to life. But the chairs had a shabby chic feel and I liked their lines so I got about 8 cans of creamy Heritage White spray paint (Rust-Oleum) and went to work. 

The Before:
 I sold the umbrella stand and also bought a different table since I really had no clue how to make an insert for the frame.

 And Now:
I found the red cushions on clearance at Kols for like 6 bucks a piece, score! The yellow double cushion I found at Walmart for $13.00.

Sorry about the poor lighting, the lattice on out patio is nice for shade but not so much for pics. :) 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Today wasn't a total waste...

Feeling crummy is my new middle name. Days like these it's a wonder I even get out of bed! I did manage to paint up my new little treasure from D.I. I scored a couple weeks ago for 10 bucks.
Here she is!

This is the before:

I have her in my kitchen next to my white board to hold markers and keys. I love it because it's functional AND pretty. Can't beat that. :)

Today, I painted her with a can of aqua spray paint:

Then glazed with a mixture of black paint and wipe on poly...

I think she turned out well. I am a fan of the color in my kitchen.
I'm slowly working my way up to painting pieces fun bright colors, the glaze really helps tone it down.
Baby steps.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Separated Blogger Accounts

Hi Friends,

I was tired of paying for Google storage so I separated my blog accounts in the best way I knew how, without risking losing all of my posts from both of my blogs (I'm really not blog savvy). Anyway, I am no longer following all of my favorite blogs- BUMMER! :( I will be trying to find everyone again, any suggestions on how to do this easier than one at a time? I would appreciate any tips or pointers! Have a splendid day! :)
Carisa @ Paintmeshabby