Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Projects, projects

These past two months have literally flown by! I am depressed because: 1. My baby boy is growing like a weed and 2. I haven't been swimming yet this summer! While taking care of the new little guy has been first and foremost I have managed to cram a few little projects in over the last few weeks. Here is one that is in the works (major props goes to my amazing husband for doing the hard work ie. stripping, sanding and fixing the drawers!) 

 This is the project I meant to get finished before baby arrived but it just never happened. It was in really rough shape. None of the hardware is original except for the key holes, bummer. But I fell in love with the curves and I knew it would be perfect in the nursery so against my husbands better judgement I bought it. I am still up in the air about the color it will be. I may end up painting it creamy white again but we will see.
It had LAYERS and LAYERS of paint on it. It was definitely due to be stripped.