Monday, November 15, 2010

Painting The Infamous Bass Boat Green Front Door RED!

When we moved  into our house much improvement was needed. I so desperately wish I had taken pictures of the house before I got to it... Our bedroom has four walls, two of which were a DARK hunter green color and the other two were a sage green. I don't know if they just couldn't agree on a color so they painted both of them... hmm... Then our master bath(barf)room was painted a really BRIGHT indigo green color- like so bright it hurt your eyes- especially when the sun was coming through the window. It was just HIDEOUS! 

I digress. 
Our front door was the same story. It was what Trevor and I liked to call "Bass boat green" it had a glittery finish and everything. Whenever I would be talking to someone at church and they would ask where we lived, I would try to tell them, when they would cut me off and say "Oh, the house with the green door!" true story. It was at that moment that I KNEW it had to go. How embarrassing. 
So a couple months ago I got so DARN tired of it that I took it off it's hinges and carried it out to the yard and tackled it with 4 cans of Rustoleum's Colonial Red spray paint. No primer. Sanding that thing would have been a joke- it was the type of surface that would just laugh at me if I even attempted to. When Trevor came home from work the deed had already been done and I was just in the finishing stages of trying to put the hinges and fixtures back on it. He couldn't believe I had done it by myself. Psh... Please, I've got some serious muscle on this 5'3" body no one should ever underestimate. 
Here's the infamous door...

 Can you see the "Glittery" finish?? Well it was there, I'm not pulling your leg.

I chose red because, according to Feng Shui it brings "Money" ;) A girl can dream can't she??
After the red had dried I sprayed over it with a clear coat polyurethane (it was still drying-thats why it looks uneven). 
Ahhhhhh..... So much better.


  1. Great work and love the fact that you used Rust-Oleum!!! :) We're going to feature your great work on our PaintIdeas Facebook page tomorrow, so make sure you "like" it before then. Great job!

  2. I love the RED...I have an itch to do it myself.


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