Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dresser For James

James' room is rather small. He had a large tall chest of drawers and a nightstand that were taking up too much space and I wanted something more accessible for him- he's become rather helpful these days in cleaning up and getting clothes out to wear. So I found a dresser on KSL for $50, it was PERFECT! Solid wood, all of the drawers worked great and it had lovely lines to go with it! It was however missing a lot of the hardware, so I got the lady to go down to $40 for me. Here's the before:
I spray painted all the pulls Rust-Oleum's Warm Yellow (leftover from another project)

I bought these ones at Home Depot- they matched the old pulls style perfectly.
    In case you were wondering what color I used this is it:
 By the way-- the center drawer is missing a pull because it doesn't fit the standard size, so until I find one that fits it, it's just going to stay like this...


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