Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New Dining Table!

So you remember how I was saying how much I wanted a breakfast nook? Only this would be the dining nook- because my house is tiny :) Well... I told my husband and he said he would help me! 

...So a couple weeks ago I sold my kitchen table... and chairs. 
 They were fine but I needed a square table to do what I have envisioned so the pretty thing had to go.

I put them on the KSL classifieds and they sold for $200. They sold a little sooner than I had expected so we have been living without a table and chairs which is no big deal since we usually sit at the kitchen counter anyway. But I would like to throw an after Christmas dinner party and a table is kind of needed for that. 

So I searched for a couple of days and found the PERFECT table. I know I use caps a lot when I am excited but honestly- I'm not using my caps loosely here! It's PERFECT! 
I picked it up for $100 (well actually my sweet, sweet hubby did)

So here's the beaut (Don't mind my disastrous garage!)
This is what I have planned for her:

This is a table from Ballard 

This one is from Sears
Both of these tables retailed for around $1,000-1,200. 
No thank you! Once I'm finished with this project I'm thinking I will be in it around $350 and the money from my table and chairs that I already sold will offset that cost. 
I also snagged some vintage chairs that are going to need a LOT of work but they will be perfect for the table when I finally finish them. Pictures will come in a later post of those so check back soon! This project is going to be done within the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


(This picture made me laugh, I thought it would be appropriate given the nature of my blog)

It's been long overdue, a post! I have been extremely ill these last few weeks, actually these last 6 weeks to be exact. Yes, I've had the dreaded 'Morning Sickness'. Except that this is not just morning but it's also; mid morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night... I'm sure you get it. 
It's been around the clock.
I'm not meaning to complain because we are extremely excited! 
       James (2 1/2) is also excited- he will make a great big brother! We told the family on Thanksgiving with this shirt I made for James.

I am just about out of my first trimester so hopefully this sickness starts to let up. I have been so exhausted from nausea and vomiting that I have had zero energy to tackle the projects that I have lined up- which is going to be awesome when I get to them but for now I am trying to take it easy. I just wanted to let all of my followers know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I'm just growing a little human! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Slipcovers!

I have been looking and looking for some inexpensive slipcovers for my couches for quite some time now. I have two sets of couches that I was looking to cover- the problem is always that the slipcovers never fit right or they just look cheap.
Well, the week before last I was reading up on some blogs and I stumbled upon one that was writing a review for a slipcover company. The company was, after seeing the pictures and reading her review I was sure I had to order some of my own! I went on ugly sofa's website and found the perfect slipcovers and ordered them. I did come across a problem that I wanted to fix so I emailed them before my shipment went out and they were extremely nice to work with and made sure the error (on my part) was corrected. :) 
Also, I should mention that these slipcovers were all Potterybarn brand x'd out. So you can't beat the quality or the price- which was around $29 per couch. 

These couches are the most uncomfortable couches of all time. So, I sold them over the weekend. The good news is that my in-laws were getting rid of theirs (which are super comfy-just a bit out of style) so we got theirs :)

And the glorious slipcovers! :)
*Please note that I know how silly the couches look without enough throw pillows.
This will be one of the many projects I work on this winter! 

I got the cream twill color and pre-washed them and put them on the couches slightly damp- this helped fix the wrinkles. 

Also, is having 20% off sale that ends tonight at 12:00am- with code: mitch 
which is an awesome deal considering that they are already a great price! 
Just wanted to share my new treasure! Enjoy!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I love Nate...

Okay, I have a confession to make. 
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Nate Berkus show. 
There, I said it. Glad to have that off my chest!
I always get so many great idea's for new projects and he helps me think outside the box. 
After watching his segment today I realized that I want to have a breakfast nook! It can't be THAT hard right? 

A breakfast nook to me is cozy and usually involves a bench...

Here are some pictures that I am using as inspiration:
 Better Homes and Gardens

 The Lennox

This one is probably how mine will look. I plan to find some old kitchen cabinets, cut them to size fix them up and add some bead board. I also plan on having the cabinets double as a seat and storage space. I also plan to make my own bench cushions so hopefully Santa brings me a sewing machine for Christmas! ;)
This Old House
Here is a link to This Old House's tutorial on how to build your own breakfast nook:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Indoor Year Round Wreath

I put a few more on my pillows...

I hope I got enough angles for you! Have a great Tuesday! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fabric Flowers For My Wreath

Well, I must say I have been too busy with life that I have had to put off my projects. It was a lazy laid back day on Saturday which allowed me to get some craftyness out of my system. 

I bought a wreath for $3.50 at Walmart on clearance and that was the total cost of this project, I had everything else on hand.

These are all the supplies you need (assuming you have the fabric and tulle too)

(I can't find the original link that I used to make these flowers, but it is SUPER easy. 
Just google fabric poppy flower tutorials and I'm sure you will get the same results.) 

All glued down and ready for their centers

 Here is the plain Jane wreath

Here it is with the flowers in place
(I just hot glued them directly onto the wreath, worked like a charm)

Here is what I used for the centers of my flowers... 
I got this bracelet from my Grandma when I was 8-9 years old. (I don't wear much jewelry) So I decided to put it to use instead of collecting dust. 
Don't worry it isn't an heirloom or even real pearls.


I will post a picture of where I decided to put the wreath tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Bedroom has changed once more- I swear this will be the last time!

This is what I call the evolution of a masterpiece... I know it took me a few tries to get it right... BUT I think I have finally done it. My room is now at a place where I can be in it and feel calm and relaxed. Here is what I was up to this weekend:

 This is how my bedroom started...

 And then...

That blue was SOOO intense, I absolutely hated it.
And now...

Much better, right? I think so. The color is called "Raindrop" By Sherwin Williams. It has a subtle gray undertone that makes is perfect for me.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

My Spray Painted Treasures {2}

Here are some neat little things I found at the local thrift store for around a buck each, all they needed was a little love and spray paint and they would be good as new!

 I saw lots of potential in these cute chunky frames. 
 I have been wanting to get some pretty plates and spray paint them and put some vinyl lettering on them, these would be perfect!

 You can never have enough of these! I figured it would probably sit on my kitchen table and hold various decorations for each season.
 Here are my weapons of choice.

 The plates all spray painted and in their final resting places.

 The frames- I will post more of these when I get some pictures in them and do some finishing touches.

I gave my little tray a good sanding and viola! It is perfectly imperfect. I love how everything turned out. And the total cost for all of these projects was under $7.