Thursday, December 8, 2011


(This picture made me laugh, I thought it would be appropriate given the nature of my blog)

It's been long overdue, a post! I have been extremely ill these last few weeks, actually these last 6 weeks to be exact. Yes, I've had the dreaded 'Morning Sickness'. Except that this is not just morning but it's also; mid morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night... I'm sure you get it. 
It's been around the clock.
I'm not meaning to complain because we are extremely excited! 
       James (2 1/2) is also excited- he will make a great big brother! We told the family on Thanksgiving with this shirt I made for James.

I am just about out of my first trimester so hopefully this sickness starts to let up. I have been so exhausted from nausea and vomiting that I have had zero energy to tackle the projects that I have lined up- which is going to be awesome when I get to them but for now I am trying to take it easy. I just wanted to let all of my followers know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I'm just growing a little human! :)

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