Sunday, October 24, 2010

Microwave Stand Turned Bill and Junk Collector!

I have issues with clutter. When I see clutter in my home I stress out until it's taken care of. I was getting SO tired of junk and clutter collecting on my kitchen counter! So I set out to to find a cabinet that would fit in a very small and particular space in my kitchen dining area. It needed to be no wider than 25 inches in width. I found a cabinet at D.I. for $35, a little steep for me but guess what! It was EXACTLY 25 inches! So I bought it... Here's the before picture:

These wouldn't come off! So I just painted over them.

I didn't sand anything because it was laminate wood. Whenever I paint over anything laminate I use a TSP cleaning solution, you can get a box of it at Home Depot or Lowes. It cleans all of the grime and dirt off wonderfully. Then I used kilz paint, about 2-3 coats. Then I used the hand sander to bring out all of the details and to make it look old and antiqued. I didn't get new hardware for it, just took off the knobs and spray painted them black.

 And this is the final resting place for my microwave stand turned bill and junk collector! I'm loving it! Eventually, I think I'll add some chunky crown molding to the top of it to make it look more "finished".


  1. Wow! I love this! Great idea. I need one of these. Thanks for the tip on the cleaning solution from Lowe's. I've never heard of that stuff before. I'll have to get some.

  2. I get exhausted seeing all you do Carisa!! Seriously.

  3. Great transformation! It looks so much better now! It looks like it fits perfectly in your space. Have a great week!

  4. You'd never guess that it was laminate. You did just the right amount of distressing and the black hardware really pops.

    ~ Michelle

  5. Thanks so much for linking up to Passion for Paint! Hope you'll drop by again soon!

  6. I love what you did with it! What an amazing difference, never would have guessed it was laminate!


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