Friday, October 29, 2010

Hand Painted Jewelery Box

I bought a Jewelry box at D.I. for 2 dollars because I was outgrowing my old ugly crystal bowl. So when I saw this one, I decided I could make it less... shall we say "hideous".

I was a little sad that one of the handles were missing... Oh well.
So I got to work on it with my trusty paint brush and elbow grease and this was the finished result!


  1. That turned out really neat! Nice place to keep your jewelry:)

  2. great job!! i have one sitting in my studio looking for inspiration!! I think I found some!!

  3. What a wonderful transformation! You do great work! I will be following~

  4. Hello 2010!!! What a difference a little paint makes . . . of course, you and I both know that, heehee! Love the black & white!


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