Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Easy Peasy Flower Topiary

When I decided our bedroom needed to be re-decorated, I thought it would be fun to incorporate more flowers. I LOVE flowers and it bothered me that I didn't really have any in our bedroom. So after thinking about it I figured out a pretty cheap and easy way to make some flower topiaries! Just about a week before I had this epiphany I stumbled across these Martha Stewart vases:

2 for $3.99 each! I didn't know where I was going to put them but by golly I would find a spot!!
Now, here's the easy part- go to the dollar store, choose your fake flower of choice and get about 5 bunches or so and one round foam ball in the arts and crafts section - you can get them at wal-mart too but they are WAYYY more! I cut the flowers down to the sizes that would best fit into the foam ball and stuck them in- I wish I had taken pictures of the process but I didn't... It's pretty self explanitory though- you really cant go wrong. Just stuff the foam ball with flowers till you cant see the white foam. Here's the finished product:

Now... I was having a problem with the shiny silver so... I spray painted it!

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