Sunday, May 27, 2012

New carpet revealed!

Last week we had new carpet put in the house. The carpet in this house has never been replaced. That's 14 year old carpet! Yuck! Anyway, with a new baby on the way I decided that it was time to replace it. I didn't want another baby rolling around on the nasty old carpet. 

My husband and I were at odds about the color choices. All I know about carpet is that the foam mat placed underneath the carpet is really important to how the carpet feels and wears over time. Also, the darker the color the smaller the space feels. When I picked up the carpet samples, I found the perfect color, I didn't even feel like I needed to see other options once I saw it. Problem? Trevor didn't like it. He liked a much darker color. A couple weeks went by and we were nearing the date to have the carpet installed so a decision had to be made. Trevor told me that he was going to let me choose the color, he just wanted to get the new carpet in. So my color it was!

I have to admit, on the day they came to install the carpet I was pretty nervous. What if I chose the wrong color? Well, as soon as I saw it I knew I chose the right one. It was perfect and even darker than I thought it was going to be- which was one reason Trevor didn't like the sample, he thought it looked too light.  

Here are some before pictures of the old carpet:
James running around his room :)

Master Bedroom



Nursery after Trevor pulled up the old carpet and padding

After we pulled out all the carpet and padding I hurried and taped everything off and gave all the baseboards a new fresh coat of white paint- they were pretty beat up and in desperate need of a paint job after years of wear and tear and paint drippings.

James's room with the new carpet!

The Nursery

The Hallway

The Stairs

The Master Bedroom

The color is called Fossil. It is gray- some of the pictures it looks sort of brown but it's not at all. I am in love! It complements the walls and furniture perfectly. It feels like we got a new house!

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