Monday, November 7, 2011

Fabric Flowers For My Wreath

Well, I must say I have been too busy with life that I have had to put off my projects. It was a lazy laid back day on Saturday which allowed me to get some craftyness out of my system. 

I bought a wreath for $3.50 at Walmart on clearance and that was the total cost of this project, I had everything else on hand.

These are all the supplies you need (assuming you have the fabric and tulle too)

(I can't find the original link that I used to make these flowers, but it is SUPER easy. 
Just google fabric poppy flower tutorials and I'm sure you will get the same results.) 

All glued down and ready for their centers

 Here is the plain Jane wreath

Here it is with the flowers in place
(I just hot glued them directly onto the wreath, worked like a charm)

Here is what I used for the centers of my flowers... 
I got this bracelet from my Grandma when I was 8-9 years old. (I don't wear much jewelry) So I decided to put it to use instead of collecting dust. 
Don't worry it isn't an heirloom or even real pearls.


I will post a picture of where I decided to put the wreath tomorrow.

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