Friday, October 14, 2011

The COMPLETE Kitchen!

I am so excited to say that my little kitchen is 100% complete! 
My sweet husband worked hard to put the crown molding up for me! 
I am in love ! It changes the whole kitchen. 
Now, I need some help...
After looking at the crown molding in it's original color against the cream color of my cabinets, it started to grow on me... Call me crazy but I like the crown in white! If you absolutely hate it, be kind and tell me.
I may end up painting it to match my cabinets but for right now I'm leaving it white. :) 

The space above my cabinets got an overhaul. It feels so much cleaner...

Here is what my kitchen USED to look like:

Please! Someone tell me what was I thinking with the junk above my cabinets? 
Here, feast your eyes on this, it helps take away the horror of the first picture...

Hope you enjoyed the transformation! I know I do! :)

Domestically Speaking


  1. I like it with the white! It ties in the white stove, and it looks like your counters are white, too, so it goes right along with that - I vote keep it!

  2. If you love it keep it that way for a while but I bet in a year you will be painting it to match your cupboards.:) At least that's how I'd be!

  3. I think it looks great, i love it when people do things that are unique, and that makes it different from everyone elses. Personally i would leave it be. Your kitchen redo is awesome btw. :) Terry


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