Monday, October 17, 2011

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Well, the furniture in our house has changed once more. 
Since my cake business has been growing the space in my kitchen pantry has been shrinking. 
So I decided to do some looking on KSL for a cabinet that I could use for secondary storage 
(that was a reasonable price of course) 
Cabinets online ranged anywhere from $331-$599... A little out of this girls price range :)
I was imagining something along the lines of this:
So the search was on.

After searching for a couple of days I came across a few that would do the job. I stumbled upon this one, I loved the detail of it (the floral design is hand carved, score!) 
Of course I would be painting it so the color didn't matter much to me. 
I picked up this little pretty for $80 bucks. 
Here is what she looked like before I refinished her:

 It was meant to be an entertainment center but that would change of course

The floral detail <3

The knobs, I don't HATE them so they will probably stay on it unless I find a great deal at Hobby Lobby at their knobs and fixtures sale.

And here we go. After the first two coats of paint...

 All of the little dents and dings would look so great with a little glazing to pull them out. I was getting very excited at this point! :)

After the paint had cured I sanded it down with the hand sander and applied my black glaze and finished her off with some poly:

 All that's left is putting in some more shelves.


You can see the cabinet organized with cake supplies in it here!

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  1. Love it~it looks SOOOOOOOO... great!! I am totally inspired by your furniture paintings that I am going to paint my very large very brown entertainment center!!!!

    Maybe some wallpaper with a cool pattern applied to the inside of this onewould bring it all together and add a little bit more chic-ness?

  2. Nice! I love the flower detail as well. It will make a great storage solution for you! Great re-do!

  3. Did you replace the back piece, covering the hold? And, did you add more shelving? I've been looking at pieces like this. I think I'd be okay with the painting, but I'm worried about the carpentry work that is needed to make it useable as a pantry closet.


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