Friday, February 18, 2011

That's Life

Sorry for my sporadic posts lately... I have lost my decorating and project finishing mojo. Also, life has become quite busy and overwhelming. 

These last couple days have been a roller-coaster of emotions. My aunt and uncle were involved in a horrible car accident and things have been touch and go for my aunt. These type of situations always seem to make me grateful for my family and friends. Life is so fragile, we need to cherish the moments we have with loved ones. I'm grateful for my loving husband and sweet little boy. Things get hard from time to time but overall we have a pretty full life.

I will work on posting more projects as I have TONS I need to finish. My main project right now is finishing our downstairs bathroom... I have been putting a lot of energy into my home cake decorating business so my bathroom has taken the back burner for a bit. But, I will show you some pictures of what it looked like and currently looks like:

The gold... UGLY! Not sure yet what I will do with the light fixture- spray paint maybe?

And Now:

 This is bead board wallpaper- I love that it is so cheap and easy to apply, plus you can paint it! You can get it at Lowes.  I will add a the chair rail next...

I also put some bead board wallpaper on the cabinet like i did in my kitchen. It's a cheap easy facelift.

I hope I can get the energy to finish this never ending project...  Thank you for being so kind and leaving sweet comments. I read each and every one of them and truly appreciate them!


  1. My prayers are with your Aunt! I hope all works out for her and your family! I just bought beadboard wallpaper and I'm wondering where to use it...still haven't decided!

  2. Hope your aunt and uncle are doing well. So sorry to hear that they were involved in an accident.


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