Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The New Desk Reveal!

Alright ladies (and gents), here is my latest project! Let me just tell you... Apparently this desk's builder had some slight measuring inaccuracies. The drawers were all cock eye when we tried to put them back on (they were on crooked when we got it but I thought it would be an easy fix... NOT SO!). After two nights of working till 1AM my husband ran out of idea's on how to fix the issue. After mulling it over in my head for a bit it came to me! Hot glue!! :) 

Let me just say that hot glue is my NEW BEST FRIEND! The drawers needed to be put in place temporarily then screwed in and hot glue was just the trick to make it work! Here I am in the process of gluing on the drawer faces:

 And here we are all finished! :)
I used a poly/stain from Minwax for the top of the desk. I love the color!

After painting and distressing it I lightly glazed it black

 And here we are before:

And after:

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  1. Wow, it looks beautiful! I love the stain/paint combo!!

  2. It really is an incredible transformation!

  3. LOVE!! I almost yelled at you for using hot glue (I thought that's what you were using to actually adhere the drawers!) but then saw that it was a quick fix for getting them ready to screw on... GOOD IDEA!! It looks beautiful!!!!

  4. You do beautiful work, Carisa.

  5. I love it!!! it´s perfect!! really perfect! congratulations!

  6. Your desk looks fabulous. What a frustration with those drawers, I am so glad you able fix them. It looks awesome!

  7. Looks great! Very Pottery Barn-ish :o)

  8. That is one amazing transformation! Totally a PB knock-off!!!

  9. Fabulous job. Perfect choice on the cup pulls making it look very regal. If interested stop by and see a couple of the desks I've done in white:
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD


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