Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kitchen Table Part {2}

The kitchen table is finally finished!
 I won't go into detail as to why this project has taken two months, I'll just say that I have had some health problems that prevented me from doing almost anything from December to mid January. Pregnancy wise I'm entering my 22nd week, still sick and struggling to find energy but I'm surviving. 

Remember this table before? 
 After sanding the top..

Now, I have to give credit to my sweet husband for the major sanding and staining of this table. He was so kind to help me, and he did a wonderful job too! He (we) stained it a dark Mahogany color. I love how rich and pretty the wood grain turned out. 

 I didn't bother sanding the bottom portion of the table, I gave it two good coats of paint and sealed it with my wipe on poly. Worked like a charm. Hopefully it holds up with wear and tear.

I love it. It's perfect for this space. The chairs are next on my agenda. I've already bought my fabric, so I just have to do it!

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